Dad of Divas' Reviews: Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset = Crystal Clear Communications

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset = Crystal Clear Communications

Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset

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About the Headset
With the right headset, there’s no need to sacrifice style when multitasking is a must and a call is coming in. The sophisticated design of Jabra Style stands out with its simplicity but never clashes with your personal style. The headset is remarkably lightweight with a brushed metal surface and small enough to not seem too flashy while sitting on your ear. So when you need to go hands free, you can be sure you’re doing it in style.

Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset

Ease of use has been essential in the design of Jabra Style. There’s only one button for most tasks, and the volume and background noise are taken care of without you having to lift a finger.

Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset

If you happen to misplace your headset, the Find My Jabra feature in the Jabra Assist app will help you locate it again. Via the app you can geographically see where you had your Jabra Style turned on the last time

My Take on the Headset
When it comes to headsets I am not only looking for good quality and sound, but also for style too. In this headset you get both. In trying this for myself I have to say that I was completely impressed and was amazed at how crystal clear the sound was no matter where I was. One of the great things you get with this is that the headset itself fits snug and this helps with the sound quality in my perspective. Too often I have had headsets in the past that have not fit as snug as this and I was constantly fighting with the headset to stay in my ear. This worked really well and I had no problems with the fit overall.

There are also some other great add-ons, such as the one that is mentioned above. I loved the Find My Jabra feature as I had a previous headset in the past that I did lose and seeing that it did not have this feature, it was never found. This at least gives me a bit of peace of mind that if I ever do lose this I can find it in the future,

All-in-all I was really impressed with this headset and I am looking forward to continue putting it through the wringer to see how it holds up over time!

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