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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Review - Addie B. Strong - I Am So Strong

Addie B. Strong - I Am So Strong
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About the Book
There’s a new girl in town! We wanted to reach out and introduce you to a new author, Alyson Flippo, and her new children’s book, Addie B. Strong.

Created to help parents and guardians who are seeking ways to combat the negative messages children are often inundated with – from what they should have to what they should look like – the acclaimed story of Addie B. Strong offers a fresh tale of hopeful inspiration, as it follows a little girl named Addie on her journey to learn it is who you are on the inside that is important.

With rhyming, easy-to-read language such as “It’s not what you wear, or the color of your hair, but how you feel inside, that fills your heart with pride!,” the early response from parents nationwide have included rave reviews for the positive message Addie B. Strong offers up – the miracle to be found in loving yourself.

My Take on the Book
In this rhyming story of Addie B. Strong, you child will hear about a young girl who finally learns to acknowledge her talents and gifts which make her special. She learns to share them with her family and friends.

Addie B. Strong learns it is not what you have or how you look but what you are inside and how you use your talents and gifts given to you when you are born.

The book is an inspiration. Maybe it will open up a discussion for you and your child about how he/she is special and what talents and gifts they have to share.

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