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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review - Your Child in Pictures

Your Child in Pictures: The Parents' Guide to Photographing Your Toddler and Child from Age One to Ten
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About the Book
Photography tips for moms and dads on how to take everyday portraits of children

Celebrated photographer and best-selling author Me Ra Koh provides step-by-step instruction on photographing your family and taking pictures of your child. As a companion book to Your Baby in Pictures, Your Child in Pictures helps you learn to capture your child's special moments with 40 beautiful “photo recipes” that anyone can do, with any camera.

From first haircuts to first days of school, from snuggly teddy bears to favorite dress-up clothes, the toddler and childhood years are full of precious days that disappear all too soon. What parent doesn’t yearn to freeze the memory of their 2-year-old’s chubby cheeks, or their 6-year-old’s toothless grin?

My Take on the Book
As a father, mother, grandparents, or aunt and uncle, we want to take photographs of the adorable children in our lives. Me Ra Koh has written a book with excellent tips for any person who wants to photograph children.

The author has an entire chapter devoted to choosing a camera or using a camera you currently have in your possession. You will find great advice in this section.

I focused on the chapters which included information about photographing the ages of my girls. The author gave specific examples of topics for photos. One of the suggestions was photographing your child creating: a young artist at work. She wrote specific suggestions about the composition of the picture and how to capture the shot.

With older children , she suggested you ask permission to photograph them as often they are shy. You may want to compose a photo with them showing a hobby they enjoy, a pet they love, or their best friends.

I think one of the best suggestions was to take your time when photographing children. Don't necessarily go for quantity of photos but the quality in the ones you take. Try not to pose the children all the time and don't ask the children to say "cheese".

I felt the author had great suggestions for anyone wanting to improve their photographs and their photography skills.

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