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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book Review - Navigating the Bible

Navigating the Bible
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About the Book
If you’ve never read scripture—or if you’ve tried and given up—here’s the book for you: Navigating the Bible—The 5-Minute Guide to Understanding God’s Word. This brand-new resource is designed to be read in small portions—about five minutes apiece—that define, in average, everyday terms, important portions of the Bible. Each brief section is accompanied by fascinating sidebars that further explain the authors, recipients, characters, and other key features of each Bible passage. Plus, there’s a section of 40 profiles of important Bible characters. Color illustrated with pictures, maps, and time lines, Navigating the Bible can be read at your most comfortable pace, giving you an overall perspective on scripture that just might change your life.

My Take on the Book
I am one of those individuals who has begun several times to read the Bible. I have started reading Genesis and then switched to the New Testament. I often found it difficult to understand because of the language. I was confused as to when certain events occurred, and the hundreds of characters were often hard to keep straight.

Christopher O. Hudson understands this dilemma so he has written a book to assist readers in becoming comfortable with the Bible.I was curious about his book and whether the structure he created would indeed make Bible reading easier.

I found the book to be extremely well written, easy to use , and helpful in understanding the historical events, people, and places. He wrote a timeline at the bottom of each page which not only showed the dates of the Biblical events but also other historical world events. The mini biographies about the main characters were very well done.The five minute or less readings were easy to read and comprehend. Mr. Hudson included the actual section of the Bible where you could locate his shorter version. It was interesting to compare the actual Bible entry to Mr. Hudson's. I found his entries excellent. The short introductions to each Bible section assisted me in knowing what to expect in the new set of entries.

If you have found reading the Bible a challenge, I recommend this book. I believe it will assist you in not only understanding the written word of God, but will give you the confidence to pursue reading the Bible on your own too.

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