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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Dino Construction Company Let Kids Be Kids

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With winter finally behind us you know what that means…construction season! The award-winning Dino Construction Company by Educational Insights is up to the task and we’re offering the opportunity for review & giveaway. Rugged and kid-powered by children ages 3 and up, Dino Construction vehicles are for dirt and sand play even leaving behind dino prints; they can be hosed off for indoor play as well, um, I mean construction work.

About Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader
This fierce, prehistoric powerhouse is totally kid-powered and ready to demolish anything a child can imagine! Wrecker is the leader of the pack and rolls up onto the scene with dino track treads that leave footprints in sand or dirt. From the playroom floor to the beach, our green machine from the past can turn even a pile of blocks into a kid-powered construction project. Made to last, Wrecker has no electronic parts. Water, wind, sand, and snow can’t get in the way of this dinosaur’s chomping, movable jaw or swinging tail.

Wrecker’s hardware-inspired arms loom down over imaginary cities or outdoor puddles as kids push this dino across anything in its path. Get ready for hours of imaginary play when Wrecker hits the construction site!

My Take on the Dino Construction Company
Though I have girls, they still love to get outside and get dirty. These great toys from the Dino Construction Company, not only promote outdoor play, but also creativity and imagination. I loved the high quality grade plastic that these were made of which also allows you to simply take a hose to this for easy clean up. For any child that loves to play and create, they will love the dino prints that the toy creates and how easy each of the parts moves to allow for a full play experience. As a parent, one of the selfish pleasures that I have with this was that there were no batteries required and that the entire toy is kid-powered. This is something that I remember as a kid myself. Having toy trucks and other things that you had to use your own power to control allowed me to not have to worry about any of the bells and whistles that you have on a lot of toys today. Instead, with this you get a high quality toy that will let you play and play for hours on end!

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