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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review - Cheddar's Tales: Crisis In Crittertown

Cheddar's Tales: Crisis In Crittertown

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About the Book
It happened quite suddenly, The Change that gave all animals the power to speak, read, and understand human language. For Cheddar Plainmouse and the rest of his colony, The Change opens up an amazing world filled with new information and adventures inside the Crittertown Post Office, where the mice live. But when they learn that the post office is scheduled to be shut down, it's up to Cheddar and his two friends, Grayson and Nilla, to find a new home for the colony.

Now, the trio must venture far beyond the safe and cozy dirt floors of the post office basement and explore the big world--a world filled with zooming cars, pouncing cats, hungry foxes, and lots of humans! Along the way, they meet a clan of super mean mice at the store next door, and some very smart mice at the local library. They make new friends, like the loyal and helpful Buttercup, (a brave boy dog who hates his name, for obvious reasons), a gossipy squirrel named Chitchat, and even some human children. It's a race against time, but with the help of their new friends and their newfound gift of gab, these clever mice just may come up with a plan to save the post office and unite all of their animal friends too.

My Take on the Book
For anyone that loves animals, mystery and even suspense, this book wraps all of this into one young adult fiction novel. I have to say that we loved the mix of characters in this book and the writing in the book was strong and engaging. We found ourselves reading more and more wanting to see what would happen next. I came to find that the book itself was very much a page turner and the author does a great job at developing the characters while still leaving quite a bit of space for follow up novels to come. All-in-all this was a great book for a young reader, and even the young-at-heart reader too!

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