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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Review - The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children

The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children
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About the Book
With more than half a million copies in print worldwide, THE 10 GREATEST GIFTS I GIVE MY CHILDREN (Touchstone Paperback; May 6, 2014; $15.99; ISBN: 978-1-4767-6297-5) by Steven W. Vannoy has helped countless parents take the struggle out of parenting and put the joy back into raising their kids. Vannoy’s unique parenting style emphasizes specific tools and concepts to promote self-esteem, compassion, balance, humor, communication, integrity, responsibility, conscious choice, and emotional honesty for the whole family. This twentieth anniversary edition of his classic book, with updated principles and a new preface by the author, equips parents to create a more inspiring atmosphere at home—and in the workplace.

Parents are not the only ones who have benefitted from Vannoy’s wisdom. In the years since it was first published, Vannoy has also used the principles in this book to create healthier and more fulfilling workplaces in businesses around the world, such as P&G, Kellogg and Ford. This new edition will support new and experienced readers of THE 10 GREATEST GIFTS I GIVE MY CHILDREN in building better relationships with both their children and their colleagues.

My Take on the Book
This was a wonderful book that really makes you re-examine the wonders and joys of parenthood. Too often as parents we get tired out and sometimes lose that spark. This book really helped me to see the great things about being a parent (many of which I knew) and through the stories and insights I was able to leave the reading of this book invigorated and energized and ready to try new things for the future! I loved how the book gives practical techniques that any parent can incorporate into their daily life. I even found that many of the concepts transcend parenting into our relationships with people outside of work. This is the type of book that really helps you become stronger as a parent and helps you see the amazing gifts that we should be sharing with our kids!

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