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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review - Cheddar's Tales: Showdown In Crittertown

Cheddar's Tales: Showdown In Crittertown
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About the Book
The adventures of Cheddar Plainmouse and the Crittertown mouse colonies continue in Showdown in Crittertown. This time, Cheddar and his friends, Grayson and Nilla, are on a mission to save Crittertown Elementary School. Some of the mice's best friends are the children who attend the school. The children played a huge role in helping Cheddar and his colony save their home at the post office. If the Crittertown school gets shut down, the children will have to go far away to attend school. All of the friends (those on two legs and four) hatch a plan to keep that from happening. In the meantime, there's trouble brewing between the mouse colonies. Rumors of a war between the library mice and the post office mice are swirling. With so much going on, Cheddar and his friends have their work cut out for them--saving the school and keeping the peace between the colonies are no small feats, but thenĂ¢€¦these are no ordinary mice

My Take on the Book
This was a great second novel. I loved reading the first novel and my daughter and I jumped right into the second and were happy to find it to be just as enjoyable as the first. You get to see your favorite characters from the first getting into a brand new adventure. As was the case in the first novel, you get a great mix of mystery and adventure and the overall story was strong and fast paced. We ended up getting through the first and this in a very short amount of time. Now the issue that we have is that we have to wait for more books to come! Overall, this was a great continuation of the story which brought out new adventure for all of the characters in the book. We thoroughly enjoyed this!

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