Dad of Divas' Reviews: Chuck-O To Go Lawn Game Fun For The Whole Family

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chuck-O To Go Lawn Game Fun For The Whole Family

Chuck-O To Go Lawn Game
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This classic bean bag toss game by Ideal® is great for all ages! This set is made out of quality wood – perfect for the beach, backyard, picnics, camping, tailgates, and more! Set includes two game boards that fold and lock & feature carrying handles making them easy to transport. Players take turns trying to toss their bean bag into the hole onto the opposite game platform. A perfect game for helping kids develop gross motor skills! Great for 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up!

Chuck-O To Go Lawn Game
Set includes:

  • 2 fold and lock game board platforms
  • 4 yellow bean bags
  • 4 blue bean bags
  • Bilingual instructions

My Take on the Game
When you have your family gatherings this summer, or as you get ready for tailgates this fall there are so many opportunities to have some fun and play some games along the way. Too often you have to be skilled at woodwork to have your own games or pay high prices for games that are on the market.

Recently though I found out about Chuck-O, a great new option for these gatherings that allows you to have fun with a transportable game that is small and light enough to take anywhere. I found the game to be easy to setup and even better it was light and easy to take wherever you want to go. The weight of this makes a ton of difference because too often games like this are homemade and VERY heavy. The game is brightly colored and definitely stands out. My daughters’ biggest grip was that the colors reminded her of University of Michigan Colors, and with her being a Michigan State fan, this causes a bit of rivalry in her mind to be raised.

In playing the game, it takes some time to get used to the angle and speed at which to throw the bag, but with practice I found that you do get better.

This game provides a ton of fun for your whole family and as you play it you will find that you lose track of time as you have fun with your kids or other family members.

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