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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review - Scholastic Discover More: Ancient Egypt

Scholastic Discover More: Ancient Egypt
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About the Book
A visual guide to ancient Egypt for newly confident readers.

This book is packed with exclusive photos so that kids can see ancient Egypt like never before! The images are accompanied by time lines, step-by-steps, and cross-section graphics for original and startling insights into pharaohs, mummy making, and pyramids. Most of all, the book encourages children to think for themselves: Was King Tut murdered, or did he die of natural causes? Can you decode hieroglyphics and read the Book of the Dead?

My Take on the Book
For anyone that loves learning about geography, history or just really interesting facts on an interesting place, this book delivers. The book is packed with amazing facts, even things I did not know! With beautiful images and an easy to ready setup, this book is organized for the independent reader to allow them to learn, ask questions and challenge themselves to leave the reading of the book much more knowledgeable than when they started. This was a great book that will open your eyes to the Egyptian civilization and I know that I will be coming back to re-read some of the sections of this book as it was very enjoyable and engaged me from beginning to end.

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