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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review - Ye Gods! How the World REALLY Works

About the Book
Ye Gods! shows our part in the "problems" of our day through our wonderful creative ability, but also the "so-what" of many of these unconscious creations. Through shining light on our powerful self, we'll see how to unwind this 'tape' rather than to continue slowing our evolving and abating the devastation of our planet. We'll see the terrorisms that confront us daily through our family; church; medical; scientific; and government establishments - and most with the best of intentions! There's a lot more here than answers to why abortion isn't "killing", the real revolution in health care needed; the falsehoods in those Holy Books; why evolution vs. intelligent design is passé; the truth of the Holocaust; and how cooperation not survival-of-the-fittest brought forth every species and is still the method of survival for all. No bad guys here - only the learning from our past. But since we can't separate ourselves from those planning wars through lies, killing one performing abortions, or threatening us with 'hell' if we don't believe as do they - we'll see them as ourselves and share our self-love with them. Ah, then we'll glory in really knowing ourselves and in reestablishing our country from its lonesome-grounded-eagle reputation to one mounted-on-wings as it was in the beginning.

About the Author
Betsy Miller led in opening Reno to all peoples before the Squaw Valley Olympics, and then in opening housing to all in Vacaville, CA. while being involved in Anti-War activities. She taught in inter-city schools before opening her own school and writing, with the help of many seen and unseen others, about many aspects of the One Whole.

My Take on the Book
This book over a little bit of everything which was amazing to me. I cannot say that I agree with everything that was in the book, but I definitely can respect the wide variety of items that are in the book itself and the myriad of issues that the author covers with her readers. She also examines each of the issues thoroughly and makes no qualms with sharing her own beliefs, which in my book is very refreshing! If you are looking for a book that will open your eyes and challenge your own beliefs, look no further than this book!

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