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Friday, November 30, 2012

Toy Review - Air Hogs - Battle Tracker

About the Product
The all-new Air Hogs Battle Tracker delivers head-to-head interactive combat! Take command of the Disc-Launching Helicopter as the A.R.T (Automated Robotic Turret) tracks your every move. Prepare for evasive maneuvers as you dodge powerful missiles aimed to knock you out of the sky. Return fire and disable the A.R.T before it successfully lands a shot. Enter the heat of battle with both single and multiplayer modes:

  • Single Player: Auto Mode Take control of the heli and launch disks at the A.R.T antenna. But, beware! A.R.T tracks your every move while releasing a devastating payload of missiles. Don’t underestimate the advanced intelligence tracking system as you go head-to-head in battle. 
  • 2-Player: Manual Mode Easily switch to manual mode using the A.R.T remote control. Face-off against friends and see who will be victorious! Switch roles as you control 2 different advanced weapon systems and discover each of their advantages. 
  • Other Modes Both the A.R.T and Disk Shooting Helicopter can be controlled independently. Battle them against other 

Air Hogs vehicles and become the ultimate battle-ready sharpshooter. Disk Launching Helicopter Launch your way to victory with the high-powered disk launching heli! The resilient hard-plastic body is armored to withstand all combat scenarios.

Steady-Fly Technology™ software detects flight instability and auto adjusts rotor systems delivering superior, stable flight. The advanced disk release system lets you launch your payload in rapid or single bursts. Fire across massive distances and turn any room into an adrenaline fueled combat zone.

Automated Robotic Turret
The A.R.T is a state-of-the-art robot built with auto tracking technology and lock-on sequencing. It intelligently tracks and monitors flight patterns of the Disk Launching Helicopter and locks-on for fatal shots. The advanced missile load and release system launches missiles with precision and speed to challenge even the greatest of Air Hogs Pilots. Its built in sensor intelligence responds to disk impacts and recognizes when its been defeated. But don’t expect and easy battle as the robotic voice analyzes and speaks during battle to distract its opponents!

Bring home the most insanely innovative, interactive and indestructible aerial battle system ever built with the Air Hogs Battle Tracker!

Product Features

  • 3+ Ways to Play! Battle Tracker Can Be Played In Multiple Modes With Single or Multiplayer Missions
  • Intelligent Auto Tracking Technology Delivers Real-Life Interactive Battle Play
  • Built in Steady-Fly Technology? for Advanced Flight Stability
  • A.R.T Intelligence Acknowledges Each Situation With Spoken Comments
  • Includes: 1 Battle Tracker with Tethered Remote Control, 18 Missiles, 1 Disk Shooting Helicopter, 7 Discs, 1 Disc Removal Tool, 1 Helicopter Remote Control, 1 Instruction Manual

My Take on the Product
My daughter has one of the other air hog helicopters so she has some experience with these (but by far is not an expert and neither am I). When I received this though we were intrigued as this is the first air hogs product that I have ever seen that has items built into it that allows you to either fire from the helicopter or now from the Turret. The idea behind this is that you have to use the helicopter to fire on the radar dish on the radar, while being careful to not be shot down by the robotic turret which can be set on automatic and allowed to track the helicopter (and it actually does a very good job at it). As in the other air hog products that we have tried in the past, the helicopter has to be recharged after a short period because it does not hold a large amount of charge (and does not have a large independent battery pack either).

I have to say that in trying this out we were all quite impressed, and have to say that the system is very click and works quite well. I was impressed by how well the turret tracks the helicopter, but also how fun it was to try and aim at the target that you were trying to hit while being fired upon as well. If you have tried Air Hogs in the past you will find that this is a whole new animal, but that it is so much fun! All-in-all I highly recommend this to all, not only for it's interactive nature, but also for how fun it was overall, you will definitely not be disappointed!

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