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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Product Review - It’s A Cat’s Life!

About the Product
We’ve all known a crazy cat lady or two - obsessed with their kitties and madly in lovewith all things feline. Well L’Ann Bingham has taken things to a whole new level. But her passion isn’t exactly crazy – it’s ingenious if you ask the cat lovers of the world. L’Ann created a revolutionary new interactive book that chronicles all nine lives of our furry feline friends - written with a special spunk by Howie, The World’s Greatest Kitty, a cat that entered L’Ann’s life just when she needed the love and support only a cat can offer.

Howie found L’Ann when he was just 5 weeks old and they spent a blissful 13 years together. Her bond with Howie was unique and she quickly realized she wasn’t alone – millions of cat parents across the country share the same special bond with their cats. Listening to Howie, she followed her passion and launched Howie and Friends, a company dedicated to creating products that bring pets and their people closer together. And proceeds will be used to save the lives of animals across the country!

After more than a year in development and making sure everything was purr-fect, Howie and Friends is letting the cat out of the bag with it’s initial product launch – It’s a Cat’s Life! the first-of-its-kind interactive book that chronicles the life of your cat from beginning to end – and all things in between. Think baby book – but for cats.

Narrated by Howie Bingham, this cute and clever book makes the perfect gift for anyone with a feline friend. “The interactive sections include pages to write about your personal story with your cat – how you found each other, a place to insert photos of your cat’s human family, pages to chronicle their favorite foods and activities, travel stories and more,” says L’Ann. “There are also sections for cat sitters, groomers and veterinarians – outlining essential information for keeping your cat happy and healthy at all times.”

The back of the book boasts multiple folders for storing your cat’s veterinary records, microchip information, insurance policies and more. The gorgeous cover contains a slot to place a favorite photo of your feline friend. The entire book is customizable, fun and playful while being useful at the same time as a one-stop-shop for all your cat’s important records.

L’Ann isn’t planning to cat around town with the proceeds from her first book, she plans to donate a percentage of all profits to Howie’s Royalties – a fund set up to end the unnecessary euthanasia of 4-5 million pets annually. “This book is a fun way to keep track of all the important events in your cat’s life,” says L’Ann. “It’s ideal for new cat families, pet sitters, pet boarding facilities, shelters, subsequent families and anyone that shares their life with a special feline. I created this book not only to honor Howie’s memory, but to save lives. It’s a big mission, but Howie and I are up for the challenge!”

It’s A Cat’s Life! retails for just $25 and can be purchased at

My Take on the Product
This was such a cool product. As a cat lover, I really appreciated that this book allowed me to be able to celebrate my experiences with the cats in my home. The book also gave some great insights for new pet owners. From vet issues to a step-by-step guide to what you need to be doing as your pet gets older. I also loved this products as it allows the whole family to get involved in making and sharing memories together. What is nice is that no matter how long your cat lives, by following the step-by-step process in this book you develop a set of great memories that will last forever!

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