Dad of Divas' Reviews: Heat Holders ( @HeatHolderUSA ) Keep Your Feet Warm No Matter The Conditions

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Heat Holders ( @HeatHolderUSA ) Keep Your Feet Warm No Matter The Conditions

Heat Holders
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About the Socks
Heat Holders socks combine the best thermal technology to ensure that you never have to suffer the discomfort of cold feet again. They really can make a massive difference to your comfort and warmth levels during the colder months and are perfect for work activities or just keeping warm around the home. The socks boast a 2.3 thermal tog rating, placing them far ahead of normal ‘thermal’ socks in terms of warmth and heat holding capabilities.

But these sensational socks are not only a fantastic example of thermal technology, they look great too! With separate ranges for men and women, as well as for little feet, Heat Holders come in a massive array of colors and styles.

Heat Holders

So this holiday season make sure that Heat Holders form an essential part of your wardrobe. Heat Holders use a combination of soft cashmere-like fibers that are carefully blended together in a unique three stage knitting process. The patented extra-long looped pile adds to the overall warmth. As far as it is known, and has ever been tested, Heat Holders are the warmest thermal socks in the world.

With winter coming and cold weather nipping your nose, make sure that the feet of your entire family stay warm with their very own pair of Heat Holders. Available for younger and older children, even tots as young as 3 can get a special pair of these amazing socks. Available in a range of more than 12 colors and sizes 9-1 ½ for younger children and 2-5 ½ for children aged 8+ you can make sure that the little ones have the warmest feet possible whilst they’re out and about for all of the ghostly fun!

Heat Holders

Heat Holders are the perfect accompaniment for whatever adventure awaits you next.

With prices starting at the ultra reasonable $19.99 for the socks Heat Holders are certainly a perfect warming accessory. For range details and colors please visit:

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My Take on the Socks
My feet are always cold in the winter and so often I have to wear two pairs of socks, especially when I go outside with my kids for winter play or when I have to shovel the driveway. No longer! These socks are so warm and have allowed me to remove one pair of socks so that I can go outside and only have to wear this pair and my feet remain warm and snug. For the price, you cannot ask for more. I have nothing but positive things to say about these socks, so if you are looking for warmth in a pair of socks, look no further than these!

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