Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Tales of the Time Dragon: Racing the Waves

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Book Review - Tales of the Time Dragon: Racing the Waves

Tales of the Time Dragon: Racing the Waves

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About the Book

"Call me First Mate Red! You're aboard our clipper ship, the Flying Cloud!"

Joe and Lilly are heading back in time for another adventure with Red the Time Dragon. This time they're traveling on a famed clipper ship as it tries to break a world record for speed. Navigator Eleanor Creesy will guide them from New York City around the tip of South America and back up to San Francisco to deliver the ship's cargo to gold miners and settlers. Along the way, they'll meet plenty of strange sailors, one of the first female navigators, and sail through very rough waters. Will the ship make it? And will they break the world record? Only Red knows for sure!

This easy reader features special extras like maps, time lines, glossaries, and super facts that take you beyond the story and bring history to life!

My Take on the Book
Although this is a fiction story, it appears to contain facts about the voyage many people took from New York to San Francisco by way of traveling around South America. The story gave details about the weather, sailing the seas, the conditions the people lived and worked through, and the difficulty navigating in the 1800's.

I think children will enjoy this adventure because to present day children it gives them a chance to go back in time. It is an experience they will not have in today's world. The text was full of details and easy to read. The illustrations complemented the text beautifully.

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