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Monday, August 11, 2014

Get You Kids Ready For Math With a Casio Calculator

Casio Calculator
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About the Calculators
The summer is half over and that means one thing – time for some much-needed back-to-school shopping. Clothes. Accessories. Backpacks. Students are hitting the stores to find the fashions that best express their personal styles. But personal style doesn’t have to stop there.
Casio Calculator

Style can carry over to school supplies and electronics. If you are working on any stories/segments about back-to-school fashion, we’d like to offer Casio’s latest line of scientific and graphing calculators for consideration. This school year, Casio is offering an extensive portfolio of calculators to help students excel at any math level, ranging from elementary school through college – all in fresh shades of pink, blue, black, gray and white that are almost as bright as the students using them.

In addition to personality popping color, Casio’s portfolio of color calculators offers features for basic math to trigonometry including a built-in spreadsheet, which has a graphing function for problems that require plotting points on a graph or entering x-data and y-data in a table, and more.

My Take on the Book
As my oldest gets older, I know that Math will continue to get harder. I always had difficulty with Math and I hope that she doesn't, but I want her to have the skills and the tools to be able to get through the Math too if she does. These calculators are AWESOME. Now you can easily work through your math problems and be stylish too. Talk about fun. Your child can pick from five colors and get a calculator for a reasonable price. On top of this, the calculator was lightweight and easy to use too. I still remember when I was young and had to get calculators like this, they were way more expensive and heavy and you had no choice on color (that's for sure). My how time has changed. Now you do get choice, and you get a calculator that makes sense and is pretty easy to use too. I truly believe that this calculator will truly help her as she enters fourth grade this year and I know that Casio has other great options available that I can turn to as she grows and gets into different grades with different math needs. Thanks Casio!

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