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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Book Review - Lady Liberty: A Biography

Lady Liberty: A Biography
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About the Book
A powerfully moving, authentic portrait of the Statue of Liberty, told through the eyes of those who created her and illustrated in glorious detail.

"Soon America will be one hundred years old. I share my dream of a birthday gift."

It begins in 1865 as a romantic idea, but ten years later Édouard Laboulaye’s dream catches fire and takes shape. Sculptor Auguste Bartholdi gives the dream the form of a lady, holding a torch to "enlighten the world." Engineers, plasterers, carpenters, coppersmiths — many of them immigrants — work together to turn the lady into a monument over 100 feet tall. Joseph Pulitzer calls on readers to help fund a pedestal, and hundreds send in nickels, dimes, and even roosters for the cause. Doreen Rappaport’s historically accurate, poetic vignettes and Matt Tavares’s magnificent images remind us of the true origins of a national symbol — and show that it took a lot of people to make the Lady.

My Take on the Book
I am sure many Americans know about the Statue of Liberty, but how many of o us understand the history behind this gift from the French people in 1884. I know I learned so much reading this book.

Doreen Rappaport writes an excellent story to share with children or to be read by older children. She introduces you to many of the people who were important to the building of Lady Liberty.

Did you know Edouard De Laboulaye, a professor of law, formed the idea and Auguste Bartholdi was the sculptor? Did you know it took 10 years to create Lady Liberty? You will be introduced to others and Americans who helped raise money to assist the French in making this landmark a reality.

I think we owe it to our children to help them learn the history of our great country and the connection that France and the United States have had since the Revolutionary War.

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