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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Book Review - Blabbering Bethann

Blabbering Bethann
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About the Book
This bully is a prehistoric terror from the Mesozoic era! Bethann is definitely loud and demanding! As she roars, stomps, and chomps across the classroom, the playground, and her fellow students, her greedy behavior transforms her into a ravaging reptile. The outrageous antics of this very vocal girl will have children squealing with delight! Bethann quickly discovers that having it all is just not much fun without people to share it with. An uncomfortable lesson dramatically transforms bossy, blabbering Bethann into caring, sharing Bethann-at least for a little while! Author and illustrator Chris Britt's humor and experiences as a stay-at-home dad shine through in this charming foray into the imaginative world of a child.

My Take on the Book
Chris Britt has written a story for children which is humorous in parts but it definitely teaches a valuable lesson about friendship and making friends.

Bethann is bossy , loud, and expects to be in charge of everything. She wants to be first in line and take the last treat in class from another child. The other children are afraid of her, so consequently she has not friends.

I was impressed with the manner in which the author turned Bethann around . He helped her, through a dream, to see the error of her behavior and her attitude changes. She became a child with friends.

You will enjoy the creativity of Chris Britt and the detailed illustrations she produced for this story.

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