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Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review - Starring Jules (third grade debut)

Starring Jules (third grade debut)
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About the Book
Lights! Camera! Action! Jules is back to take center stage!

Jules is a third grader at last! But so far, the reviews aren't good. Her new teacher makes her feel totally tongue-tied. Charlotte shows up on the first day wearing the one thing Jules really wants but will never get. And she already has homework-researching a famous person to become for the class wax museum project. But how will she decide who to be?

Even worse, her after-school sitcom rehearsals are harder than ever-especially since the TV show is about to air for all the world to see. Jules needs to find her inner superstar if third grade is ever going to be a smash hit.

My Take on the Book
Jules is a typical third grader however she is also a talented young TV actress. She deals with the same issues every third grader encounters in the classroom. She had a new teacher with those new challenges. She has major decisions to make for her homework and how to deal with other children in her classroom.

The story takes you through her decisions and how she makes them. Jules uses her parents, her grandmother, her teacher and even her friends to assist her in many of her decisions. This is a "down to earth" story that I think a third grade girls will enjoy.

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