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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Review - Life Is Like the Wind

Life Is Like the Wind

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About the Book
Barron's A Big Hug series offers a gentle and direct approach to the emotional issues that children face. Written by a clinical child psychologist, these books encourage youngsters to share and discuss tough topics with family and friends.

Life is Like the Wind introduces the concept of death to young readers by likening life to the ever-moving wind. When the wind is present, things move and fly and flutter about. When the wind goes away, things become very still.

"Life is like the wind.
When life goes away, the body is very still
The body cannot move or feel
or do anything anymore.
Where does life go when it goes from the body?"

From there, the authors explore the feelings we have when a loved one's life goes away, how we cope with missing them, and how we can celebrate their memory. It also introduces the various things people believe happens to a life that has moved on. Endearing illustrations of animals enjoying, missing, comforting, and honoring one another do a wonderful job of conveying the message that although life is very precious, "when it is time for the life to leave, it will go."

My Take on the Book
I wish I had known about this beautiful and sensitive story about life and death when a friend of mine lost her mother. It would have been the perfect book for her to read to her children who lost their much loved grandmother.

Shona Innes and Irisz Agocs have written a story that explains in language a child could understand the concept of death. It deals with the feelings and questions like where the person goes when they die. There are options in their answer to that question which could lead to a discussion about where the person is as your faith or life believes.

I believe this book would be an excellent resource for your family library. Death is a part of our life and having a way to assist our children with the loss of someone they love is not easy. I think this book could assist with that challenge.

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