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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Review - The Brain Booster Pack

The Brain Booster Pack
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About the Book
Kids can challenge themselves, their family, and their friends with this fun pack of brain-boosting activities. They'll find out how the brain works by exploring the two hemispheres, the different areas, and fun brain facts. Then, they'll dive into more than a dozen mind-bending puzzles that will test memory, pattern recognition, problem solving, and eye for detail with activities like:

  • Crafty code and pattern puzzles
  • Wicked word and number games
  • Amazing mazes, 3D puzzles, calculator tricks, and more

This fun and unusual pack includes lots of smart accessories like a jigsaw puzzle, a code wheel, 32 press-out cards, a wipe-clean pen and page, and a glossary of terms. A built-in storage pocket keeps everything neat.

My Take on the Book
Janet Sacks has created a book which will give your child hours of enjoyment and challenges. A special pen is included with the book so the child is able to write on the specially designed pages. There is wide range of activities from messages to decode, patterns, non-verbal reasoning, magic numbers and more. A special packet in the beginning of the book includes additional activities to improve a specific function of the brain such as memory, spatial skills, or thinking logically.

I feel this book is not for anyone who wants to move quickly through the challenging puzzles. These will take time and patience. All the answers are located at the back of the book.

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