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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blu-ray Review - Aerial America: Southeast Collection

Aerial America: Southeast Collection

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About the Blu-ray
Take off for a first-class, window-seat view of the South’s most-beautiful sceneries in Aerial America: Southeast Collection, soaring onto Blu-ray Aug. 19 from Inception Media Group.

Aerial America: Southeast Collection takes you soaring over the South’s breathtaking landscapes and landmarks while exploring its compelling, complex role in American history.

In North Carolina, witness the barrier islands and learn about firsts in flight history. Next, experience South Carolina’s elegant charms and extraordinary past and Georgia’s hot cities and haunted graves. Flights over Mississippi and Alabama reveal where Civil War battles were lost and the civil rights movement was born, while Florida shows off its stunning beaches, lavish lifestyles and what makes the state so magical.
My Take on the Blu-ray
This Blu-ray contains information about the following states: Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

The photography was wonderful! You really felt like you were there. The aerial view really helped you to understand the topography of the land area and regions that were being highlighted by the narrator. The narrator certainly gave an excellent voice to the descriptions of the states and the cities and special sights you were viewing. 

I learned so much through watching this Blu-ray. For example, if you visit the Everglades in Florida , you are seeing Florida as it was prior to the development of the land that you know as Florida today.Did you know a plant called the kudzu is smothering the plant life including trees in Mississippi. It has become so invasive some areas are bring controlled burned to keep it from spreading. The first Civil Rights demonstration took place in Alabama. South Carolina loses 8 inches of beach each year and the state is trying to build up the sandy beaches by dredging sand from the ocean area. 

So much more information is available. It is interesting and the beautiful locations visited may inspire you to take a vacation to one of these beautiful states.

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