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Friday, August 22, 2014

Book Review - Disaster Strikes: Volcano Blast

Disaster Strikes: Volcano Blast
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About the Book
When disaster strikes, the only thing you can count on is yourself!

Noah and Emma Burton have traded the sand and surf of their Hawaiian home for a chilly stay in Alaska, and Noah isn't happy about it. His father may be a volcano expert, but why did they have to travel to the coldest, grayest place on earth when there are millions of volcanoes near Honolulu? Noah thinks he's in for the most boring vacation of his life.

He couldn't have been more wrong! A day trip to a remote island turns deadly when a once-dormant volcano suddenly sputters to life in an eruption of epic proportions. Now Noah, Emma, and their new neighbor Alex must fight to survive rivers of molten lava and clouds of toxic ash if they want to make it off the island alive....

My Take on the Book
My daughter loves these stories. She has read every one and is always so excited when a new one comes out. This was one that she was excited about coming out and when we got it she had it read within only a few hours. She said it was exciting and she asked me for another book from the series (but unfortunately she will have to wait a while until the next one comes out). This was well written with great characters, action and intrigue. If you have a child that loves action packed adventure, you will love this too!

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