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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Review - Macarooned on a Dessert Island

Macarooned on a Dessert Island
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About the Book
"Macarooned on a Dessert Island is a joy! Its rightful place is on display in the kitchen, not a mere bookshelf." -Peggy Scott Laborde, author and documentary producer, WYES-TV Cotton candy clouds, gumdrop showers, and cupcake flowers thrive in this sparkling display of a child's daydream come true! Snuggle up on a fluffy pillow and read this tasty bedtime story to your little one. Take your child to a land where delectable desserts abound-lollipops, brownies, gingerbread cookies-and even healthy snacks like fruits and vegetable can be found. Through clever rhyme and colorful illustrations, this book broadens a child's imagination and reminds them that reading is the best way to play!

My Take on the Book
My family loves their sweets. This story will make you hungry for sweets if you like them too. Would you like to live on an island made of edible sweets? How about a gingerbread house? Would you like to take a walk and see cupcake flowers and cotton candy clouds above you? It was good to see some fruits and vegetables in the story too.

This story is fun and will take your imagination to another level. Children will enjoy the visual aspect of a sweet filled island. There is even a recipe for EASY BREEZY BERRY BLAST at the end of the book.

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johnettemusic said...

Thanks Dad of Divas for a "sweet" review of my upcoming picture book MACAROONED ON A DESSERT ISLAND. - Johnette Downing