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Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review - The Wishing Tide

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About the Book
From the acclaimed author of The Secrets She Carried comes a novel about the pull of the past and the power of love. As offseason begins on the Outer Banks, a storm makes landfall, and three unlikely strangers are drawn together…

Five years ago, Lane Kramer moved to Starry Point, North Carolina, certain the quaint island village was the place to start anew. Now the owner of a charming seaside inn, she’s set aside her dreams of being a novelist and of finding love again. When English professor Michael Forrester appears on Lane’s doorstep in the middle of a storm, he claims he’s only seeking a quiet place to write his book. Yet he seems eerily familiar with the island, leaving Lane wondering if he is quite what he appears.

Meanwhile, Mary Quinn has become a common sight, appearing each morning on the dunes behind the inn, to stare wistfully out to sea. Lane is surprised to find a friendship developing with the older woman, who possesses a unique brand of wisdom, despite her tenuous grip on reality.

As Lane slowly unravels Mary’s story and a fragile relationship between Lane and Michael blooms, Lane realizes the three share a common bond. But when a decades-old secret suddenly casts its shadow over them, Lane must choose between protecting her heart and fighting for the life—and the love—she wants.

My Take on the Book
The author does an amazing job at creating a atmosphere and environment in her story that allows you to lose yourself in the sights, sounds and smells shared throughout the book. The story is one that I typically would not find myself reading, but in reading this I have to say that I was impressed with the overall story, as well as the characters that were shared and developed throughout the story. While the story was a romance, the story was also strewn with suspense, secrets and more. The author has a wonderful way at providing rich descriptions, engaging writing and a story that continues to draw you further and further in.

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Normandie Ward Fischer said...

Love Barbara's first, so I'm certain to enjoy this one just as much. What fun to read a man's perspective.