Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Unsung Heroes: Fearless Men and Women who Changed the World

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Book Review - Unsung Heroes: Fearless Men and Women who Changed the World

Unsung Heroes: Fearless Men and Women who Changed the World

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About the Book
Through the Real Lives books, children will meet brave and unsung heroes who refused to accept the status quo.

Each entry in this riveting book explores the many ways that these individuals had an extraordinary impact on life on our planet, coming from all four corners of the globe, all walks of life, and across many different disciplines. In Unsung Heroes, children will find the stories of people who made incredible contributions to mankind. Includes Alan Turing, Asa Philip Randolph, Clara Barton, Nikola Tesla, Sojourner Truth, Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards, Wangari Maathai, Henrietta Lacks, Harvey Milk, and others. There are men and women of science and medicine, war and peace, politicians and peacemakers, social activists and resistance fighters, and more. Bold color schemes and a stylized photograph or illustration of the subject make these books hard to resist. Children will be drawn to these visually appealing books and find the stories inside of them fascinating and thought-provoking.

My Take on the Book
The authors have recognized over 25 individuals from all over the world who through their actions have made the world a better place. These people have shown a passion for a specific cause. They did this with great compassion.

Some of the entries were: Barbara McClintock whose work in plant genetics discovered the process called chromosonal crossover.

Mary Anning was a highly respected woman who lived in the early 1800's. She taught herself to read and write. Mary began finding and selling fossils as a child. She Continued her research in this area discovering many dinosaur fossils never seen in the past.

George Washington Carver was an acclaimed botonist. He was born into slavery but earned a master's degree in agriculture. His numerous discoveries still are in use today. One such discovery was crop rotation.

Many of the people in this book may be unfamiliar to you. After reading about their contributions, you will easily understand their importance.

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