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Monday, March 20, 2017

Book Review - Monster's New Undies

Monster's New Undies

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About the Book
These are my undies!
A sweet work of art!
Uh-oh! My undies!
They just fell apart.

Monster is JUST FINE with his old undies, thank you very much. But when his undies fall apart, what's a monster to do? His mommy takes him shopping, of course! But finding the perfect pair of undies is not going to be easy. . .

Come on already!
Can't you just see?
There are no new undies
just right for me.

Uh-oh! Will monster ever find the perfect pair of undies? With hilarious rhymes from the celebrated author of Crankenstein, Samantha Berger, and bright and innovative illustrations from Tad Carpenter, this bouncy tale of self-reliance is full of warmth and humor.

My Take on the Book
This is a delightful story for a young child. It has funny rhymes and colorful illustrations. The illustrator made sure the reader understands how the little monster feels throughout the story.

The story line is that little monster needs new undies. His old ones have fallen apart. He is shopping for new undies but it is a difficult decision as he does not like the undies he is finding in the store.

Your child will see the decision making going on as the little monster evaluates each pair of undies he is offered. There is a happy ending for little monster.

This story will put a smile on your face!
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