Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Gumazing Gum Girl!, Book 2 Gum Luck

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Book Review - The Gumazing Gum Girl!, Book 2 Gum Luck

The Gumazing Gum Girl!, Book 2 Gum Luck

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About the Book
With her new powers, Gabby Gomez is living a dual life. Keeping her Gum Girl heroics a secret from her parents is not easy. Maybe it's time to come clean? But there's a new villain in town, and the city needs her!

Get ready for more flavored-packed action as Gum Girl takes on a devious chef who's cooking up evil plans. It's another exciting adventure with the ever-elastic, super-stretchy superhero,Gum Girl!

My Take on the Book
Gabby Gomez becomes a super hero when she chews gum. When she chews gum she can stretch herself into different shapes in order to solve problems. For example she saved people on a run away plane.

Her parents do not know she is the infamous Gum Girl. As the story progresses Gabby tries several times to tell her parents.

The adventure in this story centers around a villain named Robo Chef. The authors make sure there is plenty of action throughout the story. Gabby has plenty of opportunities to transform herself into Gum Girl.

There are imaginative illustrations throughout the story.

At the end of the book after Robo Chef was defeated, another hidden villain surfaces. A new villain, a new book ?
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