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Friday, March 3, 2017

Book Review - Cybercrisis: It's Personal Now

Cybercrisis: It's Personal Now

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About the Book
CYBERCRISIS will arm you with crucial knowledge about being hacked, smartphone and internet addiction, fakers on social networks, content oversharing, the Dark Web and the personal impact of cybercrime. These are things you must know for yourself and for teaching others.

When online, you, your friends, children, parents, co-workers and social acquaintances are always just one click away from a stalker, predator, thief, troll, catfish or another social media sewer dweller. Protecting you and yours is not someone else's problem--it is a matter of personal responsibility.

Reading CYBERCRISIS will heighten your awareness of some of the factors and conditions that could, in the blink of any eye, suck you into a personal cybercrisis. It represents a warning shot for those of you predisposed to trust your fellow man in the real-world and, without thinking, carry that bias into cyberspace.

For purposes of this book, I have assumed that you use a smartphone, email, apps, messaging and social networks, but are not a technology expert.

My perspective as the author comes from having been a part of computer technology and software businesses since shortly after the launch of the first Apple and IBM personal computers.

In these public and private technology and related companies, I have served as CEO, board member, and strategic advisor. Through this work, I gained experience, understanding, and perspective, about digital age developments and their personal impacts, good and bad.

I have also written two previous books whose driving themes involve greater self-reliance in personal and business life.

The Web is us, and we as a collective are the Web. After reading CYBERCRISIS, my hope is that you will better understand this dynamic relationship, and you will be motivated to accept a higher level of personal responsibility for your digital well-being.

My Take on the Book
This was a short quick read that really opens your eyes to the security threats that are out there when it comes to being online today. While I was aware of some of the issues, I was definitely not thinking of some of the others. This book makes you rethink about the places where you have entered your personal information - not in a way to scare you, but instead to help you be aware of the realities. The book is up front with information and really lays out a ton of information to make sure you are completely informed by the end of the book. In the end the author does a great job at helping you start or continue your online vigilance in safeguarding your identity. Highly recommend that all read this and get your own wake up call and start safeguarding your own online identity today!

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