Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Manhood Manual: A Comic Adventure

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Book Review - The Manhood Manual: A Comic Adventure

The Manhood Manual: A Comic Adventure

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About the Book
Jeffrey Crandle is now a man! So, how can he help you? Well, Jeffrey's Dad reads books about how to get rich. Jeffrey's Mom reads a lot of books with shirtless, long-haired men on the cover, but she sometimes reads books about how to cook better too. Even Jeffrey's sister is in on the self-help book craze believe it or not. Although it isn’t going to help, his sister Kate reads books about how to look prettier and how to make boys like her. (Yeah, right!) But there isn’t one book out there on how to become the man Jeffrey Crandle is now. For him, it was hard work. The way he sees it, his bumps and bruises are your express ticket to manhood. So, for all you boys out there, this is The Manhood Manual - A Comic Adventure, the one and only super self-help handbook about getting to where Jeffrey is today – a successful, well-adjusted, good looking thirteen year-old MAN! This book is full of great stories and better lessons on how to become a man. Don't pass up this chance to learn from Jeffrey's adventures into manhood. If you're ready to become a man, get your copy of The Manhood Manual today!

My Take on the Book
This book was a ton of fun. I found that the book was truly entertainment and a fast read too. I found that so many of the stories throughout the book were relatable to ones that I had experienced in my own life. The illustrations were a ton of fun and I found that the book is one that could be read by yourself or even shared with your own kids. The book is filled with laughs and more and is one that all dads should read!

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