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Friday, March 24, 2017

Book Review - Boo Laa Laa: School for Ghost Girls

Boo Laa Laa: School for Ghost Girls

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About the Book
Best friends Maude, CJ, and Tiny are so excited to start third grade at Boo Academy (affectionately called Boo La La), the world's premier haunting school! The ghost girls love their new dorm mother, Ms. Finley. But she has some strange characteristics that make them think that she might be... human. Could it be?! The ghost girls are determined to find out, for the sake of their school -- and the entire ghost world!

My Take on the Book
This is a delightful chapter book on a third grade reading level with an interest level for girls between the grades of second through third grade.

Maude, CJ, and Tiny are in the third grade at Boo Academy. It is a school for ghost girls. Here they learn how to haunt, use spells, fly through humans, etc. They sleep in dormitories and eat together in a large cafeteria. The three girls have been best friends since they began school. This school year an unusual circumstance arises and they must solve the problem.

Ms. Finley is the new dorm mother. She is kind and helpful and the girls find unusual. She wears shoes, her nose cannot detect fine odors, and the girls become suspicious. Could she be a human? That would not be good at a school for ghosts.

This story contains all the emotions that normal girls go through. There are times when they need to ignore mean girls. There is subject matter that is hard to learn. They make mistakes. The support each other.

At the end of the story Ms. Finley explains all the unique circumstances behind why she is different.

This is a fun story to read.

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