Dad of Divas' Reviews: DVD Review - Pound Puppies: Showstopping Pups

Sunday, April 17, 2016

DVD Review - Pound Puppies: Showstopping Pups

 Pound Puppies: Showstopping Pups

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About the DVD
The canines find new pup-ularity in five fun-tastic tales! In this new DVD join the pound puppy pals in a brand new DVD!

The Pound Puppies are in the spotlight for this brand-new collection of adventures from Shelter 17! Join Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel as they display their song-and-dance skills, solve a mystery, become superheroes and encourage a faded TV star to return to glory!

Episodes Include:

  • The Accidental Pup Star
  • It's Elementary, MY Dear Pup Club
  • Hot Dawg!
  • The Watchdogs
  • Back in Action

My Take on the DVD
This is a great DVD that has some great episodes in it that are a ton of fun to watch and experience with your kids. As a father I have to say that I love this series not only because of the characters but also because of the messages of friendship, teamwork and more. This is a great DVD that offered amazing music, fun and more to give you five episodes that were fun for the whole family!

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