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Monday, April 25, 2016

Book Review - Dumbness Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Dumbness Is a Dish Best Served Cold
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About the Book
Jamie Kelly is back and dumber than ever in this super-deluxe four-color Dear Dumb Diary special edition!

Life at Mackerel Middle School is as dumb as ever -- but Jamie Kelly may have finally found the key to fame, fortune, and fabulousness. Together with Isabella and Angeline, she's come up with a moneymaking idea, and it has to do with food. Everyone likes food! They're going to be rich!

The only problem? They have to come up with something that people actually want to eat.

Jamie has some sophisticated thoughts on food, like, "She was manipulating us like dough. Like the sweet, delicious dough that we are. And she was baking us into the type of delicious cookies you can only get from dough like us. And she was putting sprinkles of us on top of us, and -- forget it. I'm hungry. I want some cookies."

This is sure to go well.

My Take on the Book
This book is meant for children ages 8 - 12, or in grades 3 - 7. It is one in a series of DEAR DUMB DIARY books. The main character writes as if she is talking to a friend (her diary). Her thoughts ramble from one thing to the next but she does it in such detail and includes very humorous illustrations within the text. Don't miss reading her captions.

The books topics range from food, to friends, to parents, teachers and principals, training a gold fish, school, and much much more. She poses questions, troubles, happy and sadness, and the thoughts of a young person with all of the happenings in life.

The concept will make you think about your thoughts. How often do you think of things you do not say or want to do things you never do? Are you puzzled by the world or wish you could change something? If you knew no one would ever read your diary, what would you write?

I think a young person will find the book interesting and maybe "speak to them".
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