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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Review - Rainbow Magic: The School Day Fairies - Lydia the Reading Fairy

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About the Book
It's time for Jack Frost to learn his lesson!

Best friends Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker usually only get to spend vacations and holidays with each other. But for a special week, they'll both be going to the same school! It's a good thing the two friends are together. Jack Frost is causing trouble at the Fairyland School--and the School Day Fairies need help!

Rachel and Kirsty can read Jack Frost like a book. They know he has Lydia's reading badge, and they want him to give it back!

My Take on the Book
This book is one in a series in which two human girls, Kristy and Rachel, have friends who are fairies. In previous books the girls have been involved in helping their fairy friends with various projects or problems. In this book the girls assist Lydia, the reading fairy, retrieve her golden medal or badge which encourages children to read.

The trouble maker is Jack Frost who steals the gold badge so the goblins will listen to his book about his life. So Kristy and Rachel are tuned into goblins so they can infiltrate Jack Frost's school and steal back the badge. Lydia of course is on hand for the magic part in transporting and changing the girls' appearances.

There is a happy ending as the children in the school return to reading and Jack Frost begins to read too.

The chapter book is written on a fourth grade reading level and has an interest level for children in second and third grades.
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