Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Upside-Down Magic: Sticks and Stones

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Book Review - Upside-Down Magic: Sticks and Stones

Upside-Down Magic: Sticks and Stones

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About the Book
The kids in Upside-Down Magic know their magic is a little out of control. But that doesn't make them weird--it only makes them human.

Strange things are happening at Dunwiddle Magic School-and the Upside-Down Magic class is getting blamed!

Yes, Marigold did shrink Lacey Clench to the size of an insect. But that was an accident. And, yes, most people weren't prepared for Nory to transform into a squippy (that's half squid, half puppy)-but it's not like Nory "meant" to mix up paws and tentacles. And while Bax does have the unfortunate magical condition of turning into a stone, he swears he has nothing to do with the rocky magic that's been happening in Dunwiddle's halls.

When things get messy, it's easy to point your finger at the kids with the messiest magic. But the Upside-Down Magic students aren't going to let themselves get in trouble. Instead, they're going to find out what's really going on-and get their school back on track before something really wacky happens.

My Take on the Book
We had loved the first book in this series and this book is a great follow-up to the first book. My daughter and I read this together and we loved to engage with the characters and see Magic in action. It also was so funny to see magic getting messed up too.  What was so fun about this was that for the age of reader that this book is geared toward, the characters are set to be extremely relatable. You will love how much your kids will be drawn into this great story, as I was too!

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