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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Book Review - Fairy World: Enter the Magical and Mysterious Realm

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About the Book
Take a charming journey into the world of moonlit meadows and enchanted forests, where fairies sing and dance. This beautiful book, illustrated with sophisticated and stunning computer-generated art, delves into the legends of fairies often portrayed in ancient mythology, folktales, classical paintings, and timeless literature from around the world. Riveting chapters explore a wide range of fairies, including the nature-loving sylphs, flower fairies, and nymphs, as well as the evil trickster banshees, Mogwai, and more. Children will love poring over the gallery spreads featuring fantastic images of fairy wings, locks of hair, and enchanted flowers. Extracts of letters, diaries, and notes let you follow the author's trail as she explores these elusive and ethereal creatures and their magical worlds.

My Take on the Book
The author takes this subject very seriously. She is a member of the Royal Institute of Fairy Research. She has researched this topic for years, sought out various experts in the world, and traveled extensively.

Stella A. Caldwell takes the reader on a tour of the fairy world where you will meet beautiful maidens, hideous goblins,and nasty boggarts. She accomplishes this tour through her text with detailed explanations, photographs, beautiful drawings, and natural objects from our world.

I found the book interesting to read. There is a lot of information in this book.She gives the reader legends and myths to ponder about the various fairies and other fairy creatures.

The author gives the reader some examples such as grow primroses by your front door to bring blessings on your home. Another suggestion is to never bring in the Elder tree blossom into your home as it will attract malicious sprites indoors.

Whether you believe in fairies or not, I think you will find the book an interesting read . I am sure you will admire Stella A . Caldwell's research and attention to detail.

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