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Friday, April 8, 2016

Book Review - Key Hunters: The Mysterious Moonstone

Key Hunters: The Mysterious Moonstone
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About the Book
Cleo and Evan have a secret. A collection of books so dangerous they are locked up tight. A friend has vanished inside the pages of one of them. It's up to them to find the key that will set her free. A PRICELESS DIAMOND...STOLEN!

When Cleo and Evan go undercover to help a rookie detective interview a mansion full of suspects, nothing is as it seems. They must catch the crook -- and find the right key -- or they could be trapped inside this mystery forever...

My Take on the Book
Eric Luper has written a delightful chapter book at a third grade reading level for children in second through fourth grades. The story is based on a mystery that occurs at a school,it involves two missing librarians, a moonstone diamond that has disappeared, a key, and the fantasy of jumping into books and finding endings for the stories.

Evan and Cleo are the main characters. They are sucked into a detective story which takes place into the 1800's when the second librarian disappears. There is adventure, danger, and using clues to decide who stole the diamond. They solve the mystery and exit the book.

The story will keep a child engaged. It is a fast moving adventure with the two children interacting between the other characters and the circumstances they are thrown into within the story. As the fantasy part of the story ends, another letter from the missing and loving librarian Ms. Hilliard is found. It definitely made me wonder about sequels to this book and whether their beloved librarian will be returned to the school library.

If your child enjoys mysteries, I think this may be a book worth considering.
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