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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Book Review - Heart of a Dolphin

Heart of a Dolphin

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About the Book
When Annie spots a dolphin trapped in fishing line in the cove near her house, she rushes to free him. Everyone cheers when she returns to shore, but only Annie knows that she and the dolphin have forged a special bond. He's become her friend -- and keeps returning to the cove to visit and play!

Meanwhile, out of the water, nothing is going right. Annie's best friend, Emma, has changed, and keeps ditching her to hang out with snobby Morgan. At home, Annie's busy parents barely seem to have time for her, and she's stuck with her hyper younger brother always tagging along. Then a misunderstanding with Morgan makes things even worse... and ultimately leaves Annie alone and in danger. Can her dolphin friend help her when she needs it most?

My Take on the Book
This was a heart-warming story that shows the unique relationship between a girl and a dolphin. However, the story goes even deeper though and explores the challenging relationships between friends too. The book intertwined the characters both human and dolphin. The challenge is that even though Annie's relationship with the dolphin is growing deeper , her relationship with her best friend is struggling. The book really shows friendship in a new way and in the end you have to read to see whether Annie can maintain her friendships or not.

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