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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review - Glam My Watch

Book Review - Glam My Watch
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About the Book
Wearing the same boring watch day after day is so over! Luckily, this cool DIY project guide gives crafty youngsters (ages 8 and up) just about everything they need to create 12 totally unique timepieces to match their style and mood. Projects include:

  • Woven and braided strap designs
  • Bangle straps made from polymer clay
  • Charm bracelet style straps, and more
  • Includes materials and instructions for a cute button strap!

Glam My Watch's enclosed watch face, buttons, and elastic cord lets kids get started with their first project right away. Then, they can go crazy creating the other straps in the book, or using the directions as inspiration for their own unique designs. With just a few bits and pieces—from pretty ribbons 'n' bows to funky buttons and beads—kids will find that they can easily create a one-of-a-kind watch strap that reflects their personality to a tee. More than 150 color photos provide instruction and inspiration.

My Take on the Book
There were 12 projects in this book. The projects were labeled with a difficulty level. All the projects had excellent written directions and visual illustrations with step by step instructions on how to make the strap for the watch. Megan included one set of material for one watch strap which was not a difficult one. She included the buttons, thread, and the watch face.

The book's introduction included materials needed like: scissors, pliers or tweezers, various threads or ribbons, elastic cord, chain, fastener rings, etc. The materials needed were all visually labeled too.

The coding system was very well done. She showed the easiest , the next hardest, to the hardest. Once you look at the project and read the directions , you will understand her coding. It is coded very well.

There are so many interesting ways to make watch straps in this book. If you have a creative person in your life and give the book to them, I can see it as a springboard to their own creative ideas for watch straps.

Megan, you did a fantastic job with your book!

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