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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Review - Erik the Red Sees Green

Erik the Red Sees Green
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About the Book
Exuberant redhead Erik always tries his best, but he just can't understand why he's missing homework questions at school and messing up at soccer practice. Then one day in art class everyone notices that Erik's painted a picture of himself with green hair! It turns out he's not just creative, he's color blind, too. Color blindness, also known as Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), affects a significant percentage of the population. The tendency to color-code learning materials in classrooms can make it especially hard for kids with CVD. But once Erik is diagnosed, he and his parents, teachers, coach, and classmates figure out solutions that work with his unique way of seeing, and soon he's back on track.

My Take on the Book
This story by Julie Anderson is a wonderful educational tool to help children understand color blindness. It is written with language and experiences that a young child can relate to in school and at home.

Julie Anderson showed clearly the difficulties that someone with color blindness may encounter when choosing clothing, painting, looking at objects in nature and their home or school environment. She shows specifically through tangible examples in Erik's life.

I feel this story is a resource that parents and teachers could use to assist not only children with color blindness to understand the challenges they have but for other children to be empathetic in the situations in which the child may make an error using color. I encourage adults to read this story to their children.

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