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Friday, June 11, 2010

ThermaPAK Prevents Laptop Overheating

This laptop cooler offers special HeatShift material that shifts from solid to gel as it absorbs heat. 

Laptop overheating is a common problem for tech savvy dads and ThermaPAK is proud to offer eco-friendly solutions for laptop cooling needs.  Some unique features of our product are:

  • Portable - Each laptop cooler is lightweight, requires no refrigeration and has no messy cords, making it completely portable
  • Stylish - Slim HeatShift coolers are available in three different colors: black, pink and white
  • Eco-friendly - ThermaPAK competitors use fans to cool down your laptop while HeatShift technology requires absolutely no energy
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Heatshift Technology
Are you tired of?
  • Your lap burning from the heat of your notebook computer?
  • Your laptop computer shutting down due to overheating?
  • Your laptop computer components being damaged by excessive heat?
  • Your battery time being drained by a USB fan based laptop cooler?
  • Your inability to pack your laptop cooler when traveling because of its depth, heavy weight and general bulkiness.
  • The noise generated by your USB fan based cooler?
  • The USB cable from your cooler to your laptop getting in the way?
  • The rough, rigid edges of your laptop cooler?
ThermaPAK's patented HeatShift Technology™ is the culmination of nearly a decade in researching thermal dynamics. At the core of HeatShift Technology™ is a unique blend of phase changing material (PCM) created by our research and development engineers. This formula has proved successful in cooling laptops up to 6°C (11°F), with the following benefits:
Heat DissipationBenefits
  • Requires No Refrigeration
  • Requires No Laptop Power (which extends battery life)
  • Mobile and easy to carry (approved for airport security)
  • Can be used for notebooks of all brands sizes
  • Performance comparable to USB fans
The unipocket design used in the HeatShift Technology™ ensures maximum heat distribution from the notebook computer. Its design also creates air channels beneath the computer for proper ventilation and air passage.
How It Works
A device that transfers heat by conduction AND convection provides the maximum amount of heat exchange. Conduction is heat transferred directly from one object to another by physically touching. Convection is heat transferred by the movement of liquid molecules from warmer areas to cooler ones. HeatShift Technology™ pads utilize both conduction and convection to cool your laptop - and your lap! For more information about the effectiveness of HeatShift Technology™, please refer to our labratory results and notebook cooler product reviews.

My Take on the ProductI have definitely run into the issue of a laptop getting to hot to lay on your lap. In the past I have placed my own laptop on a book or some other buffer to keep my legs from getting burned (or so it felt like). I have to say that in hearing about this product I loved the idea and wanted to try it out. In using the product it definitely does live up to its potential. I used my laptop for a few hours and in placing it on this product, I did not have an issue with the heat that I had in the past. I have to say that if you are a user of laptops, and you use them for long periods of time in a place where you are keeping them on a spot that should not be heating up, this is a great product that will solve many of your problems. Check it out today!

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