Dad of Divas' Reviews: Terri O’s Super Simple family fun projects to do before and on the 4th of July

Monday, June 28, 2010

Terri O’s Super Simple family fun projects to do before and on the 4th of July

Preparation is everything! Here are a few projects you and your family can do together to get ready for all those fabulous fourth festivities. The best part is they are Super Simple ™

Before the holiday:
  1. Grab a plain t-shirt and give it your personal touch. Paint stars and stripes with acrylic fabric paint, let dry and heat set in the dryer. ( for Category: Holiday Crafts)
  2.  Have the kids paint a terra cotta pot in red, white and blue. Roll your plastic ware in decorative napkins and secure with raffia. Place them inside the pot and set on your table. ( for Category: Holiday Crafts)
  3. Using large wood craft sticks, stars, a dowel and some paint you can create super simple outdoor décor for the yard. I call them Crafty Wood Stick Flags. Be sure to save them for next year! ( for Category: Holiday Crafts)
  4. Paint a message board with chalkboard paint. Take it with you to the parade and write messages to people in the parade to let them know you support them!
  5. Thank a soldier. Create a care package for someone in the armed forces. We decorated a cigar box and filled it with a goodies. (

Party Day Projects:
  1. Make your own edible arrangement. Kids love to make melon balls. Place all your fruit on skewers in a fun colorful arrangement. Use watermelon for red, blueberries for blue and marshmallows for white.
  2. Make an instant scrapbook out of paper bags. If you have access to a printer you can print your photos and place them in your embellished book that night! ( Results for)
  3. Gather the kids and make red, white and blue wind socks. With some craft foam and a glue gun you can make it instantly.
  4. Tempera paint is washable and can be found at the craft store. Pick some up and do some face painting before the parade.
  5. Pay a visit to a lonely veteran. Show them how much you appreciate them serving our country.

For more great ideas and Super Simple projects visit Free how to videos and printable projects. Order Terri O’s DVD on line and download right to your computer for even more Super Simple projects for fashion, holidays and paper crafting.

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