Dad of Divas' Reviews: Releases Shopping Data on 2010’s Most Popular Father’s Day Gifts

Friday, June 18, 2010 Releases Shopping Data on 2010’s Most Popular Father’s Day Gifts, one of the internet’s fastest-growing shopping search engines, today unveiled a list of the ten most popular products being searched for on its site in advance of Father’s Day 2010, continuing the practice of tracking consumer behavior and trends in advance of every major shopping holiday.

      SortPrice compiled and analyzed data on user visits and overall site traffic between May 31 and June 9 to gauge which products shoppers are targeting for Dad this year. 

      While traditional gifts such as colognes and ties continue to remain popular with Father’s Day shoppers this year, a handful of higher-end and more sophisticated products also made the top 10, furthering the notion that online shoppers are getting more creative with their Father’s Day gift research thanks to the internet’s enormous selection.

  1. Aaron Irvin Briefcases & Portfolios -
  2. Bag Boy Revolver Golf Bags -
  3. Code Giorgio Armani Cologne-'s_Fragrances-Code_Giorgio_Armani
  4. Cordless Power Drills -
  5. Fossil Men's Wallets -'s_Wallets-Fossil
  6. Men’s Comfort Robes -'s_Sleepwear-Robe
  7. Superman Cufflinks -
  8. Valet Tray -
  9. Versace Silk Ties -
  10. iPod/iPhone Compatible Alarm Clocks & Radios -

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