Dad of Divas' Reviews: National Ice Cream Day w/Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Ice Cream Day w/Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Commemorate the "coolest" holiday using flavors from Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Whether it's a scoop, a sandwich, a shake or on a stick, ice cream is the perfect way to chill out when the thermometer is climbing. Americans love this frozen treat! In fact, 90 percent of the US population consumes ice cream and each American eats over 23 quarts of frozen dairy product every year. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month. He also established National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in the month, this year on July 18.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day this summer with the most popular ice cream flavor - vanilla. Madagascar grows 60 percent of the world's vanilla beans that are used for ice cream giving it a rich taste and texture. So, churn out the creamiest, vanilla dairy delight using premier vanilla extracts and pure flavors from Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. 
 "Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste contains real vanilla seed and is a convenient way to add delicious vanilla flavor and eye appeal at the same time," says Craig Nielsen, chief executive officer of Nielsen-Massey. "It is an ideal ingredient in a recipe where the vanilla taste is to be showcased."
Vanilla Ice Cream
1 pint whipping cream
1 pint half and half
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste
1/8 teaspoon salt
Mix all ingredients until sugar dissolves. Cover and chill until ready to use. Follow ice cream freezer directions to churn and freeze ice cream. Note: 1 tablespoon Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract may be substituted for the bean paste.

Using quality ingredients, such as Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, guarantees the very best product to be placed in a cone, bowl or A LA Mode.  So, chill out when the thermometer is climbing, get cranking and enjoy this popular frozen delight.   
About Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
Throughout its more than 100 year history, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of the finest extracts in the world. The full line of Nielsen-Massey's Pure Vanilla products include: Vanilla Beans and Extracts from Madagascar, Tahiti and Mexico; sugar and alcohol-free Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Powder; Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste; Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Sugar and Certified Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Beans and Powder.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas recently introduced a line of Pure Flavors: Pure Chocolate Extract, Pure Almond Extract, Pure Orange Extract, Pure Lemon Extract, Pure Coffee Extract, Pure Peppermint Extract, Orange Blossom Water and Rose Water.  All Nielsen-Massey products are certified Kosher and Gluten-free. The company is headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois, with production facilities in Waukegan and Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

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