Dad of Divas' Reviews: Virtual Nerd Helps Students Avoid Brain Drain

Friday, June 11, 2010

Virtual Nerd Helps Students Avoid Brain Drain

For many students, three months of summer vacation often results in a back slide in their educational progress. However, the interactive tutoring site Virtual Nerd provides a new alternative for students to avoid summer break brain drain.

Virtual Nerd is offering a summer special: a three month subscription for the price of just one month - $49. Students get unlimited access to interactive math tutorials through a very personalized and highly interactive Web-based experience that is available whenever and wherever students want. For details on the “Three for One” promotion, go to

“Teachers often tell us that they may spend as much as one month at the beginning of each school year reviewing and re-teaching topics,” says Co-Founder and President, Josh Salcman. “So if students spend just a little time each week using Virtual Nerd, it can help them with retaining concepts so they are well prepared for returning to school in the fall.”

Virtual Nerd offers students in grades 7-12 access to hundreds of Algebra I step-by-step video tutorials. The site combines engaging, high-definition video with a patent-pending e-Learning platform that anticipates students’ questions and guides students step by step through any problem. The platform also lets students break down any problem to its most basic roots using supporting tutorials. Because the site is interactive, students can control the pace and amount of detail in each lesson to effectively learn concepts—not just find answers.

“Whether it’s from their lake house or their living room, our site lets students come and go as they please, whenever it fits into their busy schedule.” says Leo Shmuylovich, Co-Founder and Head of Educational Content for Virtual Nerd. “Summer is a busy time for families but it doesn’t have to mean a back slide in students’ progress.”

Added Salcman, “In the fall, when kids go back to school, they’ll be ready to hit the ground running, rather than spending  weeks reviewing what they already learned.”

Virtual Nerd: Real help in math and science.
Virtual Nerd offers interactive math and science tutorials for students in grades 7-12. Virtual Nerd uses a patent pending e-learning platform to provide students with a highly interactive and personalized learning experience. Students learn at their own pace and achieve fundamental understanding of math and science. Click here to view the introductory video, and follow Virtual Nerd on Facebook and Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, just found your site (and this post) via Google Alerts. Wanted to thank you for helping spread the word. Good luck staying sane in the divadom ;-)
Best Regards,
Josh Salcman
President & Co-Founder, Virtual Nerd