Dad of Divas' Reviews: Unique Fathers Day Gift!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Unique Fathers Day Gift!

For Father’s Day, Get Your Dad on Island Time with
SOBRAL’s Zen Watch!
SOBRAL’s Zen watch is the perfect father’s day gift for the enlightened Dad, the techie Dad, or the eco-chic Dad!  The Zen watch is the first wristwatch that does not tell time so it is the perfect accessory to take on that island vacation where your agenda consists of sunning on the beach and drinking piña coladas.  Instead, the Zen watch is a reflection on the modern-world production of needless things and how they affect our planet. Today, it is almost impossible to live without awareness of time:  quartz or satellite-controlled chronometers are everywhere -- cell phones, microwaves, computers, even toys!  The Zen watch is a modern interpretation of a traditional status symbol.  A fashion statement that conveys a Zen-like energy, the Zen watch is part of SOBRAL’s eco-friendly “Flash Gordon” collection, crafted entirely from recycled computer circuit-boards.  The Zen watch brings social responsibility and awareness to an antiquated object, updating the concept of a wristwatch for the 21st century.

More about SOBRAL:

Brazilian designer Carlos Sobral has been creating statement-making jewelry and home accessories in vibrant resin since 1970 and recently opened his first flagship SOBRAL store stateside in NYC’S Soho.  World renowned for his signature eye catching resin necklaces, bracelets and earrings, SOBRAL’s jewelry calls to mind the “Art Deco” and “Pop Art” artistic movements, which are two of his appropriately named collections. Each SOBRAL piece is lovingly crafted by hand and made of a unique, light weight resin that yields an exquisite finish. As a “green” company, SOBRAL uses recycled materials in his most popular resin collections, and his amazing new “Flash Gordon” collection is made from recycled computer circuit boards.  Equally important, SOBRAL’s entire production process is eco-friendly, all the way through to his 100% oxy-biodegradable packaging.

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