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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DVD Review - Cedar Cove: Season 2

Cedar Cove: Season 2

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About the Movie
Andie MacDowell is back as Judge Olivia Lockhart, who finds herself in the middle of her small seaside town's drama, relationships and excitement. Now happily back together with Jack, Olivia becomes the stable force who holds him together when his troubled son Eric returns. As Olivia reaches new milestones in her relationship with Jack, she remains a reliable best friend to Grace and a supportive mom to Justine, proving this judge continues to capture the spirit of the small town in her big heart.

My Take on the Movie
Season 2 of Cedar Cove has all the drama of Season 1. Judge Olivia Lockhart proves in many instances how intelligent and fair she is as a respected judge. She also shows us the side of her that is vulnerable to a love relationship , compassionate with family and friends, frustrated with life's events , and hurt when the people she relies on are deceitful and dishonest.

There are complicated relationships, mystery, forgiveness, and of course like in Season 1 problem solving by the characters. Each episode entices the viewer to want to know more about the characters.
By the end of Season 2, the viewer will be asking questions about Olivia's love life, what will happen with the couple who had the baby, and if Olivia's daughter will enter into a new relationship.

Watching the DVD with no commercials keeps the viewer engaged.

If you enjoyed Season 1 of Cedar Cove, you will want to see Season 2 using the DVD. If you saw Season 2 on the Hallmark Channel last year, the DVD is a great avenue to review the events in preparation for Season 3 in July of 2015.

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