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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book Review - The Real Princess Diaries

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About the Book
This inside look at real-life princesses will explore the true and often inspiring stories behind happily ever after.

A deep dive into the royal world of a princess! Featuring princesses from around the world and all of time. The Real Princess Diaries explores everything it means to be royal. Each spread includes portraits of the princesses, in-depth bios, crowning achievements, and family trees. Learn which princesses have official royal duties, and which ones simply reign. Plus bonus sidebars about ladies in waiting, the crowned jewels, royal outfits, and princes, this will be the definitive royal guide. Full-color photos, with a modern layout make this a must read for princess fans everywhere.

My Take on the Book
For my two girls this was book that was very exciting for them to read. They have grown up knowing that there were real princesses in the world, but not really knowing much about them. This book walks the reader through getting to know these women in a much more intimate way. The book was an easy read, and by the end it really made them want to explore even more, and they hit the internet and our local library for more information. This was a fun and educational read for them and it will be for your kids too!

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