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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book Review - Pepper & Poe

Pepper & Poe

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About the Book Maurice Sendak Fellowship Award Winner Frann Preston-Gannon makes her US picture book debut with this hilarious yet touching story about two soon-to-be sibling cats, Pepper & Poe.

Pepper is an old cat. He's set in his ways, and used to his normal routine in the house that he rules--or thinks he rules, anyway! Yup, he's got everything down to a science, including how to manipulate the house dog. That is until a new kitty named Poe comes along and starts messing up everything! Can Poe get Pepper to accept him as part of the family?

This hilarious story reinvents the age-old new sibling topic with a furry twist, taking an emotionally heavy subject and masking it with humor--all while reinforcing the days of the week! Frann Preston-Gannon, the 2011 Maurice Sendak Fellowship Award Winner, makes a stunning US picture book debut with her unique, eye-catching artwork and clever use of text.

My Take on the Book
This was such a fun story of two cats and a bit of sibling rivalry. The illustrations were wonderfully created, and the message was fun for the whole family. You will wonder whether these two cats will find some commonality beyond their differences... read and find out!

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