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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Book Review - Miles From Tomorrowland Mighty Merc

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About the Book
Miles's pet bionic ostrich, Merc, worries that his place in the Callisto family is threatened when the Tomorrowland Transit Authority asks the family to try out a new, more efficient robot named Axel.

My Take on the Book
This Disney story is written especially for children ages 3-5. The illustrations are colorful and show the characters expressions so well. The text is perfect for a young child to understand and enjoy.

Miles , a young boyh, is part of the Callisto family. The family lives on a spaceship and have a robot named Merc. Merc is dedicated to his family. 

When a replacement robot is sent to the family, Merc must prove he should remain with the family. Miles helps his friend.

This is a story about Merc's bravery as he saves Loretta. It is also a story about believing in one's ability to do what is right and to prove yourself even if there is danger. It is also a story about friendship and standing by your friend.
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